Our North American Trip - May and June 2007.

Andrew and Lisa's Wedding   Saturday, 19 May 2007

The wedding was held on the surf beach at the Fire Island Hotel on Fire Island which is a long narrow sand island that runs along the south coast of Long Island, New York. 

About 3pm all the guests were invited down onto the beach for the wedding – a good friend officiated (the wife of a Snowboarding friend of Andrew and Lee’s).  Back to the bar area for nibbles and drinks, prior to moving over into the marquee where the wedding meal was to be served – the food was well done and enjoyed very much.  Last of all was the cutting of the cake with it’s cup cakes on top – it looked great.

A professional photographer who is a good friend of Andrew’s and currently living in Scotland, took all their wedding photos - she was great at positioning them and picking up the little things that make a noticeable difference to detail.  The weather was brilliant for taking photos as there were no shadows or glare to contend with and the slight breeze was not too much of a problem.

Many guests travelled from afar – London, Scotland, Hong Kong, Sydney, Australia and New Zealand.   It was so good for Graham, Simon (travelled from Sydney) and I to have had the opportunity to meet most of the guests on the Friday evening, as this made it much easier for us on the wedding day. 

It was a great day as earlier in the morning there were some showers, but as the day went by the weather gradually cleared with a few patches of sunny periods, but during the reception afterwards the rain started again. 

Lisa really appreciated the fact that so many of her relatives were able to attend.  It’s the happiest we have ever seen Lisa in the time we have known her, so that was wonderful to see. Mind you, Andrew was also looking pretty chuffed as well.

I also took some video of the ceremony and the photos.  The files are quite large so you will need Broadband to view them.

Videos:   The Bride arrives           The Wedding Ceremony             The Photo Shoot

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